Individual tours

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24 hours -1200 Euro, additional days – 1000 Euro

All the models need a visa to be able to travel in any country requesting it. This visa needs 2-3 weeks to be obtained from the embassy in Moscow, so that every meeting has to be booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

To validate a booking the agency needs to receive in advance the money to pay the flight ticket, the visa and confirmation fee. The travel and visa expenses are variable depending by the country the customer needs to meet the girl. This advance payment is needed because the agency has to be sure that the booking is not fake and that the customer is seriously intentioned yo meet the girl. As far as the agency receives the swift code of the wire by phone or by email the visa pratice is started and the model is considered as “booked” for the one who send he account first.

24-hours meeting. It can be done in any city with an airport. The model arrives with the flight of customer’s choice (morning or evening) and goes back with the same flight in the day after.

Longer periods meetings (more than 1 day) are possible. Additional days are offered at discounted price (see rates).

For the duration of the meeting the customer has to provide the accomodation and all expenses for the models’s natural needs (food, drink, etc.). Nothing is due to to the model more than the rate agreed with the agency. Every present the customer may desire to offer to the model on plus is at his own discretion.

If the customer cancels the meeting nothing will be refunded by the agency unless a previous communication is done at least before the start of the practice to obtain visa and flight ticket.