Dear Gentlemen,
We are on holidays till the 4th of January .

2020 may seem like it was a year we want to forget, but let’s never forget the lessons.
We can enter 2021 more resilient and ready for whatever trials come our way
Whatever made this year a difficult one, we encourage you to take the time to find the good.
Christmas won’t be special without you.
We are all hoping that you have a fantastic holiday season and a fabulous New Year wherever you are.
We wish you happiness and peace, not just this Christmas, but for the entire year.

Our wonderful girls will return back soon to warm you and give great, unforgettable time!
Don’t miss us, we will be back soon:)

Looking forward to see you again in January
Kind regards,


Милые девушки, мы ушли на каникулы и начнем наше сотрудничество с 4 января во Франции и в Италии.

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